About Mutasa RDC

Mutasa Rural District Council is a body corporate local authority established in terms of section 275 of the Zimbabwean Constitution. It was previously known as Chitepo District. Mutasa RDC is one of the seven local authorities in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe divided into 31 wards with a population of 169 756 i.e. 79, 825 males and 89, 931 females, as of the last census held in 2012.

Its head offices are situated fifty eight kilometres (58 km) from the City of Mutare and the district stretches up to the Honde Valley which is about 100 km northeast of Mutare. It borders with Nyanga Rural District in the north, Mozambique in the east, City of Mutare and Mutare Rural District in the south and Makoni Rural District in the west.

Mutasa Rural District Council was before independence known as Chitepo District. It is the home of the late veteran, Cde Hebert Chitepo. The district council area is also home of the first three mission centres in Zimbabwe namely St. Augustines Mission of the Anglican Church,  Triashill Mission of theRoman Catholic Church and  Old Mutare Mission of the United Methodist Church.

    There are forty-three (43 ) health centres in the district, twenty (20) of which are Council clinics.  Of the one hundred and twenty-six (126 ) schools in the district, the district council  owns eighty-six (86). Mutasa Rural District Council boasts of vast water sources, having six hundred and fifty-nine (659) boreholes and deep wells, and two hundred and eighty-five (285) elephant pumps.

      At the apex of the organisation is the Council Board which is made up of thirty-one (31) councillors elected from the thirty-one wards in the district and chaired by the Council Chairperson, Alderman Dombropoulos Peter.

      Mutasa district is a predominately agro-based region were villagers practice semi-commercial agriculture growing maize, groundnuts, sugarcane and herding cattle, goats and producing poultry. Some of the villages are small holder growers of coffee, tea and banana plantations. The district has several plantations and estates that provide employment, with large scale commercial plantations producing timber, coffee and tea estates. The district is also rich in gold and mining is being undertaken by Metallion Gold at Redwing Mine, DTZ-OZGEO and numerous small scale miners. Mutasa district’s terrain is fit for hydro electricity generation.

      Mutasa Rural District Council envisages to image as a pacesetter in local authority service delivery and corporate governance by 2030. It is on a mission to provide infrastructural development, social services and manage natural resources to improve the quality of life of residents. The local authority’s values are embedded in the acronym TIRIVANHU; Transparency, Integrity, Responsiveness, Impartiality, Visionary leadership, Accountability, and
      uNHU/ Ubuntu