Community Services

The Community Services Department of Mutasa Rural District Council is responsible for the provision of social services, housing and management of development partners for the local authority. It is also concerned with managing natural resources and protection of the environment within the local government’s area of jurisdiction to ensure environmental, social and economic sustainability for the local authority inhabitants.

There are two sections namely Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Health. The department is responsible for the Provision of Social Amenities, Education Facilities, Early Childhood Development Facilities, Recreational and Leisure Facilities, Burial Space, Rural Water Supply, sanitation and hygiene activities, Coordination of NGOs (Development Partner) Activities, Provision of Public Education/Information, Housing and Business Services, Support of Civil Protection Activities, School Development Committee Training, Establishment of health centres, Health Staff supervision, Health centre committee training, Provision of sundries and ambulance services, reducing Human/Wildlife Conflict, Environmental Protection, Resource Conservation, Environmental Education and Awareness and Enforcement of Council Environmental By-Laws