Reports to Full Council for ratification of its proceedings and is serviced by the Community Services Officer.          

Committee Responsibities :-      

  • Environment Management
  • Environmental protection
  • Environmental planning
  • Environmental Information Dissemination
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism


  • Recommending to council measures for the management and protection of the environment  in the council area.
  • Recommending to council ways of implementing environmental measures (work / projects) which the council is authorized or required to undertake in terms of any other environmental law.
  • Preparing and recommending to council environmental plans required in terms of the Environmental Management Act [cap 20:27] as read with statutory Instrument 7 of 2007. (E.I.A, LEAPs, EMPs)
  • Coordinating with the Minister in carrying out the objectives and purpose of the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) [cap 20:27].
  • Preserving, protecting and improving the environment in Council area and making recommendations relating thereto, to the council.
  • Enhancing the management of lands, Agriculture in the district in order to contribute to the national food reserves as well as to promote the conservation.
  • Co –ordinating and promoting agricultural activities in the district and providing marketing linkages between farmer and consumers in liaison with Agritex.
  • Promoting  tourism activities in the district through marketing and conservation of natural tourist attractions and culture.

                          Committee Composition       Membership of the environment committee is fixed by council in consultation with the Minister.                  

  • Half should be councillors appointed by council
  • Half should be persons other than councillors appointed by council in consultation with the Minister. These individuals have right to debate issues under consideration by the committee but will not have voting rights.

              Frequency of Meetings                      

  • At least once in every quarter