HR & Admin


Reports to Full Council for ratification of its proceedings and will be serviced by the Senior Administration Officer.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Recruitment, selection, placement, hiring and dismissal of staff
  • Implementing training programmes for staff and councillors.
  • Preparing the training budget in liaison with the Finance Committee.
  • Labour relations, implementing the reward system and the promotion and demotion of staff.
  • Processing of employee benefits and claims.
  • Designing and monitoring of the implementation of policies that pertain to the general administration of the Council.
  • Management and control of assets, transport and general stores.
  • Procurement of goods and services for the organisation.
  • Acquisition, disposal and auctioning of assets.
  • Preparing the committee’s estimates of income and expenditure and recommending them to the Finance Committee.

Composition of Committee

  • Six councillors with the chairman having a casting vote.

Frequency of Meetings

  • At least once in every quarter or as and when necessary