Social Services Committee


Reports to Full Council for ratification of its proceedings and is serviced by the Community Services Officer.

Committee shall be responsible for:-

  • Establishment health service centres.
  • Health services, farm health works, village community workers and outreach Services.
  • Primary, secondary and pre- schools and cemeteries.
  • Community centres, halls, libraries, parks and sport grounds.
  • Establishment of an ambulance service.
  • Coordination of activities of Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Allocation of stands
  • Responsible for creation of sound relations between Council and its communities and stakeholders through civic awareness meetings.
  • Effectively plan for, and manage, the district’s townships and growth points by providing affordable residential and business stands, and to provide recreational and other social amenities.
  • Prepare the committee’s estimates of income and expenditure and recommend them to the Finance Committee.

Composition of Committee

  • Five councillors
  • Chairman has a casting vote.

Frequency of Meetings

Once every quarter

Councillors’ expectations

  • Demonstrate ability to understand human and social needs.
  • Demonstrate ability to understand the changing educational and health policies.
  • Has vision and prepare to inject new ideas to boost social service provision.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work for the marginalized communities.